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Bird Lady

August 27, 2011

One of our evening chores at the moment is to remove a bunch of young chickens (some of the 2 hatches of 16) from the tree outside of the electric fence and carry them back to the safety of the chook house.  Lydia and I do it together.  I get them and pass them over the fence to her.  We soon discovered that it was quicker to do as many birds at a time as possible, and I decided I just had to get a photo of Lydia loaded up with chickens.  Two on each arm and one on the shoulder is a good load.

Then of course, since I had the camera there, I got a bit carried away.

Hee hee


August 20, 2011
Kim is now the proud owner of a Triton workbench.  We picked it up secondhand with a dust extraction system, sliding extension table, router table, jigsaw fittings and biscuit joiner.  We are very glad we extended the workshop or it wouldn’t fit.  🙂  We have to try to find a new router bit for the biscuit joiner though as the guy had lost it.  It didn’t have a saw either but our Makita one fits in just fine.  It seems like an excellent piece of gear and Kim is finding it very useful.  He is currently building us a second composting toilet for the caravan, and has big plans for more kitchen drawers and cupboards.
I’ve been weeding my combination flower and veggie garden.  I was pleased to see that there are still some of the flower plants there, and you can see the garlic now.  However as soon as the weather warms up I imagine the grass will be trying to take over again.  It is a strange thing that the only place I can grow grass near the house is my little garden!

93 stars now.

August 14, 2011

hey aunt here’s anther one for ya. I just got 93 stars in super mario galaxy recently in case you don’t know thats the main objective I’ve won the game and am working on getting Luigi am updating super mario galaxy post to get rid of some …….. incensites bye