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Sunflowers Rising

January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am not sure what to do because our sunflowers have hit the roof of the garden.  Any suggestions?  It wasn’t a problem I was expecting to have.  I didn’t even plant the sunflowers, they just came up from seed the chooks must have missed.  They are stretching the roof up higher every day, I hope they stop growing and flower soon!  Someone suggested I should cut a hole in the roof for them so they can keep going higher, but I haven’t managed to bring myself to do that yet.  I like the feeling that everything is safe inside the cage, and I know for sure that possums and sparrows would be in there if I took the netting off the roof.  We may just have to see how they cope with being compressed.

However we have started the new year with a good crop of peas from the same caged garden.  They are delicious!  I just love fresh peas as they are SO sweet!  Even Josiah likes peas if they are home grown.  🙂  There are still plenty more to come too.  Yum.

Another thing Josiah likes is newly hatched poults (baby turkeys).  They are lovely and friendly and kind of sleepy when they are in their first few days which makes it easy to cuddle them.  Chocolate the mum doesn’t seem to mind us handling them, she is the only remaining one of the hens that we raised ourselves a few years back.  She is also the only hen sensible enough to allow us to move her to somewhere safe to sit on her eggs this year, and as a result she is the only one to hatch any out.

She hatched out 7 little ones over yesterday and today. They are very sweet.

We had a lovely time at church on Sunday with 3 separate sets of visitors.  It made for a good crowd in the hall later for afternoon tea, and plenty of people to chat to.  One of the families was on holidays from the mainland and had been to our church before, 4 years ago, and were having a return visit.  We really loved spending time with them last time they were here, and it was great to renew the friendship some more, and meet more of their children.  Of course we had to drag them home to show them what we have achieved over the last 4 years too.  🙂