Winter Renovations

Its the wrong time of the year for renovations I know, but we discovered that our little inbuilt wood heater in the lounge had rusted out and was falling apart.  It turns out that the fireplace we had was the only one that would actually fit into the area available and it is no longer made, so we had to make some hard decisions about what to do for heating now.  In the end we are opting for a stand alone Kent wood fireplace which we bought a while ago as a spare, and we are going to install it nearer to the vestibule doorway.  So the old fireplace has to go, and the lounge room is having a complete rework.  In the interim we have turned the caravan annexe into our living area while the work is being done.  (Lydia has a sick hen called Pongo on her lap in this photo, as she was syringing a mixture of yoghurt and oil down her throat in hopes of making her better.   Josiah is playing a computer game and Caleb is collapsed on the sofa bed.)

We are hoping to get it all finished in a couple of weeks but time will tell.  Kim keeps thinking of more that he would like to do while the room is not being used – like putting some battens across the floor to level it and putting new flooring on top.  Don’t know if we’ll have the time or money for that though.

On Thursday I cleaned out the caravan annexe and moved Josiah to sleeping in the bunk above Lydia again.  He has been sleeping in the annexe for a while.  Then yesterday, while I was at Craft, Kim sorted out the internet connection and moved all the entertainment and computers from the lounge to the annexe.  So today we began disassembling the lounge room shelves, pulled out the built in fireplace and started to remove the brick chimney.  You can see the hole in the roof in the next picture.

We got part way and put some tin on the roof to cover the hole, figuring that that was a priority given that it is Winter after all and we do get rain over here.  🙂  Mind you we have had a lovely couple of days here lately, not too cold during the day and no rain so it has been good working weather.  So that is where we are at tonight, we’ll have to get back to it on Monday!  It is school holidays here at the moment which is good as it means I have more time to spend on things other than schooling.  I was hoping to get my last 4 rows of potatoes dug, but I think getting this job done may take precedence for a while.


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