Carpet now

Had to show you the lounge room today.  We put lining over the hole where the chimney used to be and then laid our carpet.

The carpet is new, an off cut that cost us $200 and which fits nicely.  According to the salesman it is a good quality Stainmaster and should last well and clean well.  We could have bought a pure wool piece for not much more, but after talking to the sales guy about his experiences with it in his own home we decided not to.  He said he had a dog and that his wool carpet grips onto the hairs and basically the dog ruined it, that was a good warning.

Then tonight we tiled our piece of cement sheeting to make a hearth for the fire.

We did it inside so that it would be above 5 degrees so that the cement would set properly.  🙂  Also we can just slide it off the tarp into place when it is finished.

Now to wait for the cement to dry, then do the grouting and wait some more!


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