Heat again

Well, we have the heater in the house at last.  The boys carried it in for us and placed it onto the hearth which we carefully measured to make sure it was the recommended distances from the walls etc.

Then yesterday Kim went and bought the flue pieces we needed and we cut the hole in the roof in preparation for installing that.

And today we finally got to put up the flue and then could try the heater out, and thankfully it worked just fine.  Actually we want the flue to be higher but one of the pieces we were going to use turned out to be broken, so we’ll have to get a replacement piece and extend it soon, but it draws well anyway and kicks out a good bit of heat.  It was a really cold day today so it was great to get it going.

We still have to fill in the wall to replace the door which is not exactly sealing the house up at the moment.  🙂  But that is a job for another day.

Then of course we have to organise a desk for the computer and TV etc and move all that back, so there is still plenty to do, but it is nice to actually have the heater in and working.  YAY.


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