Twinkles is home

Our big news is that Twinkles has come home, and she is confirmed pregnant!

She spent 2 months away at a Dexter stud with a bull called Envoy (isn’t he handsome!) He was smaller than Twinks but obviously managed to do the job required and so on February 8th next year we are hoping for a lovely new calf and a cow with milk!

We also have a grain grinder now.  We picked it up from an elderly Tassie farmer who used to use it for grinding grain for his pigs.  It is old (even has a pulley for attaching to a steam engine – hee hee) but works well with it’s much more modern electric motor.  That means that we can crush our organic wheat now whenever we need to.

We like to feed ground grain to the pigs, however we have to make some decisions regarding our pigs sometime soon as it looks like the girls have had their quota of litters for their life and our boar is very very large compared to a young sow.  I’m fond of our pigs but it does cost a fair bit to feed them and they are rather big to keep as pets.  We’ll have to work out what is best to do.


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