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Meet Red

November 3, 2012
Meet “Red”, my new buddy.  We have plans to spend many many productive hours together!
Gotta love hydraulics!  Red only arrived on Monday evening and already we have split up all the blocks from one good sized gum tree into strips that can now begin to dry, and which are easily chopped from there into whatever sized firewood we want to use.
We have been saving up for a long time to get a block splitter, and I am so excited that we finally have one!  Harvesting our trees into firewood is an ongoing chore and one that gets much harder when the men of the family are all unwell.  This machine should make the job much more achievable for we womenfolk with help from Josiah.  Most of our first pile of wood was done with myself positioning the wood and Josiah operating the blade.  Together we made a good team.  🙂
There is another big pile of silver wattle rounds behind the house to split, but I can’t get to them at the moment as we brought another two dangerous wattles down recently which are in the way.  Hopefully Kim will be up to cutting them up sometime soon, but he is having some trouble with his back lately which does not help.   However there is one more gum up the back and another wattle hidden in the bush up there too that I can work on.   We can never have enough firewood!