More solar

Well, despite the crazy busy Christmas season upon us, Kim and Josiah have still found time to start work on our new solar hot water system.


The frame is now largely assembled, and it is pretty large too!  I believe the next phase is to move it to the roof and mount it there.  I think that will have to be an “all hands on deck” moment, such fun!


Probably our most groundbreaking news is that Sam’s diet is helping!  After trying so many different options we are finding it a little hard to take in, but it really does seem to be making a difference.  Thanks to those of you who offered to  help finding the book, and special thanks to Sue who did all that messing around for us!!  It was well and truly worth it.  Sam is still working through adding various different food types and gauging what his reaction to them all is, but he has actually had almost 2 weeks where he has felt pretty good.  Olive oil and kiwi fruits are out, and probably wheat and milk although he hasn’t tested them yet. But we can live with whatever it takes if it means Sam doesn’t feel like throwing up every day!

Kim and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in November.  We actually took off to Hobart, visited Cadbury (which was a bit disappointing since they no longer do tours) and drove up Mt Wellington.  We wandered around the city a little and had fish and chips in a little restaurant on the pier before staying overnight in a friend’s caravan.  The next day we went to the botanical gardens and had a look at Pete’s Patch then visited Russell Falls.  Instead of travelling on the main highway we took the high road over the central plateau past the Great Lake, which was much more relaxed and peaceful, and probably only added half an hour to the trip.  You couldn’t do it in Winter of course, as it would be covered with snow.  🙂  The kids managed fine at home, looking after the stock and supervising Josiah’s schoolwork too.


And Josiah has turned 12.  He had his birthday last weekend and had a great day.


Well I better get on with the jobs for today.  I had my back “twang” on Monday, which it does on odd occasions, and so I am having to be really slow and careful at the moment or I will end up back in bed like I was most of Monday and Tuesday.  It is helping me to relate to the frustration of those in the family who are normally limited in their activities which is probably good for my character. However mostly I am finding it just plain annoying because I really want to dipel the gardens and move some temporary fencing for the horse and cow and make a new compost area and clean the house and brushcut the church paddock and and and….  I’m afraid my character still need work.  🙂


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