Not again?

Yes again!  We got talked into taking another bobby calf from our neighbourhood dairy farmer.


The calf didn’t want to drink and the farmer didn’t have the time to spend on him what with milking and hay making and all the other jobs he has on at the moment.  So we picked up another day old friesian bull calf, and with a little time and effort managed to get him to drink – from a glove with holes punched in at first, but after the first day he was vigorous enough to go onto the normal bottle.  He is a cheeky and bossy little fellow with no manners at all.  Our previous three calves were premature and we can certainly tell the difference between our experience with them and with this fellow, he is much more “with it” than they were at the same age.  Sam has called him D’Artagnan, the fourth of the three muskateers.


In other news our hot water system is up and running.  We do have to remove a couple of trees so that it gets some morning sunshine, but we are managing to have showers from it anyway which is great.


And we have bought our first implement for the tractor, a crane.



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