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My first cheese

March 10, 2013

Here it is!  My first cheese.  After pressing it now has to dry for 2 – 4 days before we wax it.  It matures for only 4 weeks before we can try it, so we thought this farmhouse cheddar recipe a good one to try as our first attempt.  Its looking fine so far.  🙂


Moooving right along

March 8, 2013

I am pleased to report that our milking is going well.  We started locking the calf up overnight in our electromesh fence a couple of weeks ago, and have been getting 4 to 5 litres of milk every morning since.  That is just perfect for our needs!  It even means we can have some extra milk to try cheese making, or we can take a day off sometimes and let the calf have the morning milk instead.  What a blessing from God!


Twinks has become a lovely placid girl to milk, especially as she has become more used to the whole process.  Sam does most of the milking, and he is much faster than me despite the fact that he prefers to milk one handed into a bowl rather than two handed directly into a bucket.  I get to catch Twinkles and tie her up, then cuddle her during the milking.  🙂  I am trying my hand at making some farmhouse cheddar cheese at the moment, with my first attempt currently being pressed at 20kg pressure overnight.  The particular recipe I am following only needs to mature for 4 weeks before we can try it.  I hope it works okay.

We have had a couple of visitors lately.  Kim’s brother, Paul, came to stay for two weeks, and it was great to catch up with him again.  He fitted right in, and is even thinking of coming to Tassie to live now!  It would be lovely to have family nearby.  We also had some folk from WA come for a quick visit this week, and we enjoyed showing them around the place and sharing with them some of our experiences and plans.

Kim has been working on getting a motor into our old VW station wagon, and just got it bolted in today.  The car has been sitting for about 5 years so it needs more work done on it before it will be back on the road, but it is a good start.  It has been much too hot for us here lately, getting up to 28 to 30 degrees C most days for the last couple of weeks.  We are dreaming of a cool change as we find the heat rather draining and it limits the amount of work that is getting done outside.

We have been working hard at getting lots of firewood for winter.  (Roll on winter!)  Kim is appreciating the tractor as he is dragging logs up to the house and propping them off the ground to saw them into rounds.  Then we move in the block splitter and split them up before stacking them.  Our carport is now full and we have started to stack split wood on some pallets instead.


I have recently had a run of bad health with a nasty cold which was followed by a bad back and then finished up with a bout of gastro.  It makes me appreciate what the chronically unwell folk of the family have to deal with.  Thankfully I am feeling better now.  Kim has actually been doing really well for a few weeks, for about as long as we have been milking the cow, though we are not sure if it is related.  When the whole family was sick with the cold, surprisingly Kim didn’t get it!  He was actually the healthiest person in the family at that time – a novel experience for him!  Josiah managed to sprain his ankle earlier this week when his foot slipped between two planks of a pallet, and he fell over sideways.  I was worried that he might have broken the ankle, but thankfully that was not the case.  Last night Sam tried to better that by managing to skewer his foot with, of all things, a knitting needle!  I pulled it straight out, surprised at myself a little, and hopefully that will heal quickly too.  I tried to get Sam to go to the doctors today, but he couldn’t get an appointment for a week.  A definite downside of Tasmania!