Driveway Delight

We are very excited at the moment to see our driveway being fixed, or in some cases re-run.  The driveway has always been windy and bumpy and fills with huge puddles over winter.  Some of it was all but impassable when we first arrived, and only judicious work with mattock and shovel making drainage ditches alongside the worst areas made it passable.  Even so it remained very rough and our cars were prone to bump things on the way up and down the 400m length.  Visitors were often worried about driving up and some of the deeper puddles were just getting worse as time went on.  However things are going to be different now!


The initial part of the driveway is being made quite wide, up to the site that we have decided would be best to build a new house (one day maybe).  In the first photo you can see the old driveway on the right hand side of the new one.  It is great they could move the driveway over in that spot as the old one ran directly under the power line which is hanging down lower than it should.  (Aurora are supposed to be coming and putting in a new power pole to lift the lines up, but it has been months with no sign of them yet.)


The rest of the way up to the shack is just a normal car width, but with fresh gravel on it to fill the holes and level it up.

In sad new Josiah’s old mouse died this morning.  We got those young ones just in time!!!!!


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