Down the Drain

I know it is not long since I wrote my last post, but I just had to share some pictures of the new drain that was put into our bottom paddock today.  Since the large machines were still at our place after the work on the driveway, we thought it would be a good idea to invest in some more work.  As a result we now have a nice wide and long drain that winds its way through the paddock, and a few piles of dirt that I am not sure what we are going to do with.  We only got the large digger bogged twice in the process!



And look!  All that water across the road is now draining away from our place.  It will be fascinating to see what the paddock looks like after a day or two, and we are hoping that the lower paddocks will no longer be flooded for months each year, but will actually drain properly.


As part of the process we made a sort of bridge which runs underneath our fence line, so the stock won’t be able to escape by jumping into the ditch.  It is quite deep where it runs under the fence.


Also last week we had a hole dug in the front yard for a leach drain, and had about 15 trees dropped that were blocking sunlight from hitting all our solar gear as well as being a potential danger to the buildings.  There is lots of wood that can be made into firewood at our place this year.  Now we just need to get to work and cut it all up!  I’m hoping a few folk from church will come around and avail themselves of some firewood too.  There is still plenty of trees left as you can see!



And finally a quick picture of the post hole digger in action.  Pretty cool!



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