New arrivals

I know that it was a swan that was supposed to be ugly when it was fresh hatched – as in the ugly duckling – but I’m not sure if it could hold a candle to a squab!  Those eye bulges are really not attractive.

This little fellow hatched late on Monday.  We are still hoping that the second egg is just running late as it has not hatched yet.
We bought some squab pigeons a month or so ago, supposedly 3 male and 3 female, but sadly there was only 2 girls and one turned up her toes shortly after getting her home.  😦   However the remaining female paired off and quickly sorted a nest and laid the customary two eggs.  We will have to find some more females but it is a long trip to Hobart where they all came from.
Meanwhile we are still waiting for Twinkles the house cow to produce her second calf.  She was due 8 days ago and I keep expecting to find a new calf at foot when I go out feed up each morning, but she is taking her time.  I shouldn’t rush her as it will be back to daily milking again once the calf arrives, and it has been pleasant taking a couple of months off from that chore.  It will be nice to have the milk again though.

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