Sad Calving

I got very excited this morning when I went to feed the cows and found that Twinkles was calving, finally, 4 weeks later than expected.  However, when there had been no progress made 1 hour later, and still none 2 hours later we became concerned.  After researching on the internet we decided that the cow needed help so we called up our vet from Sheffield to see if he could come and see her.  However it turned out that he had problems of his own today and would not have been able to be here until almost dark (it is dark now at 5pm) so he recommended that we call someone else.  We turned to the next closest vets who are in Deloraine and thankfully they were able to come out instead.

We took Twinkles over to the neighbours so that we could use their yards – such good neighbours we have – and to cut a long story short Twinkles had to have her calf pulled out, and sadly the calf was dead when it finally arrived.  It was a shame as she was a pretty brown heifer with some nice white patches.  The vet thought she may have been dead before the calving started and that that might have been part of the reason why Twinks had problems. She was a large boned calf too, which presumably didn’t help.

The good news is that Twinkles is fine, weary and hungry but not distressed, and there is no indication that she should have the same problem next time.  I am glad that all the drama happened while we were still here as Kim, Josiah and myself are off to the airport tomorrow morning.  However, now the kids will have their work cut out for them while we’re gone as they will have to do the milking twice a day – with no calf to help.  😦


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