Cow in calf – I hope

With much trepidation I journeyed down to the end of our road this week with my enthusiastic cow.  It is times like this that I am very glad she is halter trained.  She had spent the entire morning mooing and pacing the fences so there was not much doubt that she was on heat.
Twinkles the Cow
I put her in our farmer neighbour’s yards and then had to to shut various gates, let her out and shuffle cattle such that the one and only bull that I wanted was in the same paddock as her.  That left two friesian bulls on the other side of the fence, much to their annoyance, but I have been told that friesians throw large boned calves which we didn’t want.  There were lots of other excited cows milling around to make things more interesting too, most of them looking just like Twinkles.
Half an hour later, when she was starting to find the grass more interesting than the bull, I managed to catch her and led her all the way back home, after returning the paddocks to their original free ranging format of course.  And here is the prospective sire – the farmer assures us we will get a roan coloured calf from Twinkles by him, not that I really care about colour but he was quite keen that we use “the white bull with the brown spot on his nose”, hopefully I found the right fellow.  Apparently he is a white shorthorn cow crossed with a hereford bull.

Russel's white bull with the dot on its nose

So, the calf should be due just before Christmas.  I’ll let you know how things go!

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