Early Christmas Present?

Lydia has been wanting us to consider getting a German Shepherd pup as old Lupo is not going to be around for a whole lot longer, so as a family we decided that we would keep an eye out for a young pup at a reasonable price.  Yesterday Lyd saw a pup advertised quite close in Launceston and we went to have a look.  Of course puppies are adorable and we came home with a new 7 week old bundle that we have called Okami (pronounced O – car – me) which is the Japanese word for wolf.  With Caleb and Josiah and the others learning Japanese it seemed appropriate.   We were learning German when we got Lupo, and – due to some confusion over Volkswagen having a car called a Lupo – we used to think that Lupo was the German word for wolf.  However we now stand corrected and know it is actually the Italian/Latin word for wolf.  The German word for wolf is, in fact, wolf!

Lupo has never liked other dogs at all and we figured that the only way she would accept another one was if we got it very young.


She has been pretty good with the pup so far, she knows we want her to treat it gently and nicely and she is doing her best.  She has given just a couple of warning growls to the pup and mostly just tries to keep out of her way.  Hopefully Okami will learn not to terrorise Lupo and Lupo will be patient and get more friendly as time goes on.  We will just have to wait and see.  We are making sure Lupo is getting plenty of attention and has lots of “personal space” time too.
PuppyAndLupo (1)
Lydia had Okami sleeping on the floor at the end of her bed last night and that seemed to work okay.  She woke up about dawn, but then Lyd usually has to get up at that time anyway to go to work.
Okami was very quiet and seemed a bit nervous this morning, but after some breakfast and another good sleep she got energetic and started to play.
We have been getting her to chase a ball around and she loves that, and has been happily getting to know us all.
Josiah is playing with her on the lounge room floor as I am writing this, he seems to really like her as does everyone else.  She still needs lots of sleep breaks as she is so young, and that is nice too.  🙂
Everyone seems happy with our early Christmas present!

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