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Rayburn Finished

May 26, 2016

I just thought I would add a picture of the Rayburn in situ.  With the hearth, window frame and flue all painted now it looks quite nice.

And better than it’s looks is it’s function – it is all that we hoped it would be!  It heats the water brilliantly, is a pleasure to cook on the hot plates and I am slowly getting used to regulating the temperature of the oven and cooking in that too.  At the moment we start the fire around 4-5pm, which is very easy to do.  The stove is then usually hot enough to cook tea on and there is heaps of hot water if we keep it going for a couple of hours.  After that we just close it up and let it go out in it’s own time.  It is lovely to still have hot water in the mornings.  🙂  There is certainly enough water heating capacity for us to add radiators at a later date should we wish to.