Community self reliance

What happens when the authorities are overwhelmed with repairs and they are not going to even get to look at your problems for a while?  Well, in Tassie it seems like people just get out and fix things themselves!
This was the end of our road on Wednesday morning,
and this was how it looked on Thursday morning.  The wonderful man who owns the property at the end of our road dumped loads of rocks and gravel into the hole then roughly smoothed it out and now we are no longer in danger of damaging the vehicles when we travel.  It helps that the gravel pit is really close and on our side of Union Bridge.  🙂
Then there is the problem of people wanting to get to work or school in Mole Creek but who are stuck on our side of the bridge that has been washed away.  Well some of the younger folk got creative and made a NEW Dry Creek Bridge.
Good to see it is Occupational Health and Safety Approved – LOL.
Dry Creek Footbridge
We are wondering if we are adventurous enough to use it ourselves.  We could get Paul to meet us on the other side.  The power of the water that pushed that bridge over must have been just phenomenal.
Dry Creek Bridge destroyed by the floods
It is really cool to see people solving their own and other’s problems, and you wonder how much could be achieved if everyone worked together (and we had a little less red tape). Then, just when you are feeling warm and fuzzy, you hear another story of a ute being left on one side of this broken bridge while it’s owner was on the other side, and somebody stole it and burnt it… and you wonder again, only this time at the foolishness of some people!  It reminds me of two facts: that we were made in the image of God and can do great things, but also that we are fallen sinful people and can do terrible things!  On the whole though the community has been very caring and supporting, checking up on each other and willing to lend a hand in various ways according to their abilities, and it is fantastic to see it and be a part of it.

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