Lake Pedder Trip

I’m afraid I am going to inundate you with photos again! This time they are of a trip we took to Lake Pedder in the South West National Park here in Tassie.  Last weekend we found ourselves with a rare opportunity to go away – Lydia was not working, church was having a combined service elsewhere, the weather was not bad, the car was working and the Pedder Wilderness Lodge was offering two nights for the price of one – so Kim and I “seized the moment” and took off.
We enjoyed staying right in the heart of the national park at the lodge.  The large lounge/restaurant/bar room was lovely with it’s views over the lake and it’s warm fires, and the staff were enthusiastic and welcoming.  We chatted to other visitors in the evenings and I even tried out the indoor heated swimming pool.
Kim was up before dawn to get this photo looking out over Lake Pedder from the Lodge grounds.
Lake Pedder, South West National Park
And looking back towards the Lodge.
Pedder Wilderness Lodge before sunrise, South West National Park
This is the daytime view from the lodge of Lake Pedder.  It had high water levels after recent rains.
Lake Pedder, South West National Park
After breakfast, we drove out to do some sight seeing, and checked out the photos of what Lake Pedder looked like before they put in the road and dams to make the hydroelectric system.  The only folk who could get here then were serious hikers and rich folk in planes.
Cathy at the look out near Strathgordon, South West National Park
Then we headed off to Gordon Lake and Dam.  Despite recent rains that Lake was still low. The ramp to the hydro outlet is way above the water level!
Lake Gordon, South West National Park
Kim went down to look at the dam itself.  With my fear of heights I’m afraid there was no way I was going to enjoy that, so I kept my distance.  Other’s, however, were not so fearful.  One couple abseiled down the 140m of dam wall.
      Abseiling down the 140m dam wall, Gordon Dam, South West National Park
It’s a long way down, can you see one of them in this shot?  Then I guess they had the fun of climbing all the way up those ladders to get back to the top again.
 Abseiling down the 140m dam wall, Gordon Dam, South West National Park
After sightseeing around the dams we moved on to Wedge Mountain.  I have fond memories of Wedge Mountain as it was the first place I saw the beautiful moss covered rainforest when we were down this way 23 years ago.
Mount Wedge, South West National Park
However the bushfires last January had been through, so the rainforest I remembered was gone.  However it was good to see that the bushland was starting to regenerate already alongside the river.
Regrowth after fires near Mount Wedge, South West National Park
After that we wandered through the Creepy Crawly walk where I got to enjoy the rainforest that I remembered well, and Kim had to take photos for me.  🙂
Such lovely greenery.
Creepy Crawly Walk, South West National Park
Then it was back to the lodge before the rain came back, to have some dinner and more conversation with the other guests.
On Sunday we decided to take the long way home.  Once again we enjoyed seeing places we hadn’t been to since we visited Tasmania 23 years ago, albeit briefly this time.  🙂
We stopped at Mt Field National Park and got wet in the spray at Russell falls – so I don’t have a photo of that.  There was some nice rainforest type scenery by the river though.
Rainforest, Mount Field National Park
We dropped in at Lake St Clair.
Lake St Clair
And had lunch nearby – yes that is snow.
Cathy making lunch in a snow covered picnic area near Lake St Clair
Nelson Falls was more amenable to being photographed than Russell Falls had been.
Nelson Falls
And again I loved the greenery and the river that we saw on the walk to the falls.
Flowing River near Nelson Falls
We went through Queenstown too, and were interested to see that the “moonscape” caused by the copper mine is slowly regenerating at last, although the 5km approach to the town is still pretty hair raising – at least for someone who really does not enjoy heights.

Waterfalls near Queenstown

We started to think about it getting dark then and we still had a fair bit of driving to do so we couldn’t stop anymore despite seeing some lovely sights.  Eventually we got home safely around 7pm, weary but happy.  It was all too brief a time away, especially at the places we saw on Sunday, but it was lovely to have the opportunity to do it.  I fear we may have rekindled a love of travelling to the wild places of Tasmania, and I can see us plotting and planning to escape again sometime soon!

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