New Tractor

I had to share the excitement of getting our new tractor with you!  Our old 1967 International has a terribly stiff clutch and Kim is the only one confident enough to use it, whereas this one is SO much easier to drive and we should all be able to drive it.
I have to admit that new machine is a bit unusual to look at, it is a 1983 Mercedes Benz  MB Trac 700.  For any of you who might be interested (and know what it means) – it is 4WD, 68HP and has some cool things like 2 seats in the cab, power steering and brakes, a quick release forklift on the front, 240V power plug on the back, 3 point linkage, front and rear PTOs and front and rear remotes – all of which makes it very versatile as to what implements it can use.  It has an air compressor plug on the back too which needs a replacement hose, but it will be very useful once it is fixed as we use a lot of air tools.  Kim had the fun of driving it home from Deloraine.
It still needs a few jobs done on it before Kim will be really satisfied, but in the meantime it is already being well used.
The upgrading of the water pickup area has been finished and seems to be working well.  We still have to run all the pipes down to the house from it, but we have a nice trench to bury the pipes in all ready and waiting.  Now if we can just find the time to do the work, and have some good weather to do it in….
Our Pond
In other news Lydia has bought herself a cat!  It is a 1 year old female rag doll called Fee.  She is a pretty little thing and although she was a bit shy at first she is settling in well.  Lydia has a big multi level cage for her which the cat likes a lot.  She obviously feels safe there and uses it as her home base as she explores the caravan and annexe where she has been installed.  Having her there means that she is not bothered by the dogs and also Lydia can have her snuggled up on her bed at night.  There is nothing quite as nice as a purring cat!  Fie wont be allowed outside to chase the birds, but to be honest I think she is perfectly happy staying inside as she does not seem to be the adventurous type.
Fie In Cage
The Targa Tasmania rally came through recently.  Our road gets blocked off so Kim and a friend took the opportunity to take lots of photos from the end of our street.
Targa 2017
Kim also happened to be in Sheffield one night this week when they had lit the place up with coloured lights.  It was quite a sight!  They are putting on a laser light show on Mt Roland at the moment too.
Sheffield lit by coloured lights
It seems to be fungus time of year at the moment.  I do love the red ones with the white spots!
Orange Mushroom
We enjoyed having some visitors last month, my auntie and uncle and an old school friend with some of her family came by.  It was really great to catch up!  I am now looking forward to having my parents come to visit for 2 weeks.  They arrive on Thursday evening.  We have organised to put them up at the local Guest House where they can be a bit more comfortable than they would be at our place, but they will be spending the days with us at home.  There is a lot that we want to show them as I think it is 7 years since they were last here and things have changed a bit since then.  We have a few day trips planned too and Lydia has organised to have most of the time off so all of us will be here to catch up.  Hopefully we can keep them warm enough as it is a bit cooler here than they are used to!
I juiced 3 small sacks of apples today which produced 20L of apple juice which I am going to make cider with.  I hope it turns out nice as there will be a bunch of it!   Anyway, I gotta go.

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