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A Shed!

April 22, 2018

Look, Look.  We now have a shed!  After a number of weeks of preparation and waiting we finally had the containers delivered and managed to get them in place and levelled up.


Since then we have been kept pretty busy assembling the roof (whenever it wasn’t raining or windy, and in-between running Lydia to work and doing the normal chores).
Kim had to make some extensions on the forklift of the tractor to lift the angle purlins high enough to mount them.
And it took us a little while to work out how best to manage things
but with a little trial and error we worked it out.
We also made a platform for the forks so that we could lift Kim safely up to tighten the bolts on the ends of the cross beams.  I made him make a safety rope to clip to his belt when he was up there too.
It really felt like an achievement when the colour bond started to go on.  We organised a wooden ladder to steady ourselves while we were putting in the screws.  It took us a whole day to do the first side.
Then last Friday we were blessed by having a couple of guys from our Bible study come to help with the final half of the roofing.  One of them was much more confident and speedy on the roof than we were, despite being 10 years our senior, and the job went much quicker than it would have done without his help!
And now the job is basically done, with just the guttering remaining to finish it off.
It is very tall, but that was intentional as Kim ultimately wants to put a cement floor and a hoist in there – and it needs to be tall enough to lift the tractor up without hitting the roof.  We will enclose the high gap at the back as well, and Kim has lots of plans for his big container at the rear to make it into a useful workshop with lots of benches and shelves etc.  All of that can wait though, for now we are just pleased to have it in place before winter so that Kim can work on the cars if he needs to even if it is raining.
Meanwhile the smaller blue containers have been filled, one with fire wood and the other with tubs from our old collapsing storage shed.  It feels good to have that done before the rains come too.
The next job on our list, after Kim does some car maintenance that is overdue and I process 9 young roosters, is to install the replacement wood fire in the boy’s recently renovated shack, and then hopefully we can get back onto connecting the micro hydro pipes.  There always seems to be lots to do – and we don’t seem to move as fast as we used to!  We will have a 2 week interruption in May when we travel to Perth for some family time, but we are looking forward to that.
Meanwhile Josiah has gotten us into eating Japanese ramen.  I guess ramen is what the 2 minute noodles are based on, but Josiah’s way is much more fancy.  We make a beef stock with ramen pasta and have lots of toppings to select from, and it becomes a filling and yummy main meal in the end.  🙂