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A New Arrival and Other News

October 31, 2018
I think the last 3 emails I sent concerned dogs (and I don’t promise not to mention dogs again) but the motivating factor behind this particular email was the new arrival this morning.  When I went down to feed the pony and cow I found that Twinkles had produced yet another healthy little bull calf.  He looks very much like her!  Now it is back to milking lots for me!

Willow is growing up fast and has become pretty popular around here, both with the family and the other dog.
At the tender age of 3 months she has already been to her first dog show.  It ended up being a huge event for her first experience, being the Hobart Royal Show followed by a Welsh Corgi Show.  She found it a bit overwhelming a couple of times but managed pretty well overall and by the end of the day she was pretty settled about it all.  She was hilarious in the ring the first time when she refused to go faster than a walk.  The crowd loved her though and we thought we could have started a Willow Fan Club with everyone who walked by and made a fuss of her.  She got second ribbon in the baby puppy section of the corgi show – out of 2 pups.  🙂
We have about a dozen projects underway at the moment, which means we are taking a long time to get through any of them!  There have been a couple of frustrating mechanical issues on one car and the tractor that Kim has managed to fix only to have them immediately break again, mostly due to faulty parts.  However we did recently finish properly sealing, insulating and lining the back room of our old bus.  Josiah has now moved his bed in there and is finding it quite comfortable I believe.  That frees up the main section of the bus to have more of the same work done in there, as well as installing a couple of windows.

And Lydia is now a licensed driver, taking herself the 50 minutes to and from work without supervision.  Yay!
Our Mole Creek church is having a bunch of renovations done on the hall by a mission group (MMM).  It is causing some disruptions to the craft group and after church meetings, but should be good in the long run.  The local church continues to run, despite having a dwindling congregation.  However we find it nice to also have the broader fellowship of the larger church in Launceston as well.  There are a few folk we know with serious health issues at the moment which is very concerning, and we are praying for them and their families, but we are also expecting a couple of good friends to visit over the next couple of months which should be fun.
We recently purchased a small building, extremely cheaply, and intended to get it transported intact to our property.  We spent some time getting the removal organised and preparing a place for the building to go.  The day came for the truck to collect it but when they tried to lift it, the building started to fall apart.  It turned out that they had forgotten to cut through the support posts that were concreted into the ground.  So, instead of a nice little building for Kim and I to turn into our very own bedroom/bathroom/sitting room – we now have a bunch of building materials instead.  We spent a week madly dismantling it all and ferrying it home.  It was a bit disappointing, but no doubt we can build something else with it all.  Some of it was made of Bondor panels, which are interesting things.  Kim also just purchased another 6kW of solar panels with mounting frames at a super bargain price so we need more roof space to mount them on.  🙂  This is the same capacity as the solar panels that we currently have, so we will ultimately be able to double the size of our power system and Kim is quite pleased about that, especially since it is taking us forever to get onto finishing our micro hydro system.
And that is most of the news I can think of for now and I best get myself off to bed.  Best wishes to you all.