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Christmas Greetings

December 24, 2018

Christmas Greetings 

Wishing you peace and joy over Christmas and in the New Year

from the Howe family

This year our Christmas hat is modelled by Willow, the new corgi pup.  

Willow in the Christmas Hat

She wasn’t keen on wearing it at all, and was much happier chewing  it up!

Willow in the Christmas Hat

It is a while since I wrote so I thought perhaps a very quick update is in order.  Life seemed to slow to a grinding halt for all of us as we struggled with a nasty flu which knocked us out for about 3 weeks each.  It was wonderful to recover some health and get back to doing things again, and we have managed a few improvements.  One was to add a kitchenette to Caleb and Sam’s cabin.  They also have running water connected now, and often have a cup of tea before bed.


We have also been working on the main area of the old bus.  The south wall is insulated and lined and just needs some trim,


and the north wall has had a replacement window installed, but still needs the back door area filled in before we put in the insulation and line it also.


Lydia’s pony got laminitis again this year, despite me making sure she wasn’t overweight.  It seems that our paddocks have improved enough that the spring grass growth will cause her problems every year, so we are now setting her up in a separate paddock system from the cow.  She will be up in the bush where the grass is pretty minimal.  Horses being herd animals we decided that she needed a companion and Lydia bought a miniature pony filly to fill that role.  They are getting along well together.  The cow has her calf to keep her company at the moment, so she is happy enough too.


I organised a gingerbread house making event as the final meeting for the local church’s craft group.  It was pretty well attended and everyone had a lot of fun.


And that will do for news for now.

Blessings to you all