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June 24, 2019

Just in case you were wondering if it was cold in Mole Creek….

…no water from the taps for us at the moment!
We have had a run of chilly days and when it was -2°C at around 8pm yesterday we figured it was going to be a cold night.  Our minimum was -6.3°C this morning, and it was still -4 when I went out to milk the cow.  Right now, at 10am, it is still a bracing -1.5 but the sun is making a valiant effort to melt the frost so we will see if the temperature manages to make it to double figures or not later in the day.  Apart from the temperature it looks like a beautiful day out there – but I think I will stay inside just a bit longer.  🙂

Another email from the Howes

June 11, 2019

We spent most of yesterday looking out at the rain bucketing down!  According to the new weather station that Kim set up in the front yard we had 88.7mm over the day.  It finally cleared up in the afternoon, but is still pretty soggy outside.  It seemed like a good day to start an email!


So how are the Howes?  Up and down somewhat would be the best answer I guess.  Caleb and Sam’s health has been very poor since their return from Japan, but they struggle on.  Sam is also changing medication which isn’t helping.  Lydia is enjoying having her own space in her bus and is slowly upgrading bits and pieces in it.  She is not so busy at work at the moment with the chilly weather slowing the flowers’ growth down, and she doesn’t mind at all if she gets to come home early sometimes.  Josiah and I have been unable to obtain any work as yet, but we continue to search.  Kim has been struggling with his health too and is not getting as much done as he would like to, but is always kept busy working on keeping our fleet of cars mostly on the road.

I mentioned a few months ago that Lydia had bought a mini pony, Penny, as a companion for her riding pony.  The pony was a real cutie and we liked her, but she had one major flaw that made us decide we had to on-sell her.  She hated having dogs in her paddock and would chase them out with her ears back and her mouth open to bite!  Our German Shepherd thought it was a great game, but the Corgis were not too happy about it and, since we want to breed the corgis, we thought it best to move her on.  We found her a good home nearby and Lydia has since bought another companion pony to take her place.  The new pony, Annie, is settling in well and has been much better behaved with the dogs!

Silk and Annie

Silk and Annie

Kim and I travelled over to Perth to visit my parents a couple of weeks ago.  We would have loved to get back down to Albany again, but were not able to manage it this trip.  We were there for Mother’s Day and my sister’s 60th birthday and enjoyed a high tea at my nephew’s home.  His wife put on a splendid spread!


We also caught up with my niece who came to visit from Sydney with excellent timing!  It was really great to just spend time with Mum and Dad who are doing so well to still be in their own home at 87 and 89 respectively!


While we were in Perth it was the A League Grand Final at the Optus Stadium, and Kim managed to score a reasonably priced ticket and go along.  It is quite the stadium and, with about 56,000 people there, it was rather a different experience to being at home and he quite enjoyed himself.


Back at home our newest corgi pup is growing nicely and is a lovely girl.  We haven’t managed to take her to any shows yet as there have not been any on – except in Hobart, and we didn’t want to go that far.  I think many events slow down for winter here as the days are so very short.  However we are booked into a show not too far away in July so will take both dogs along then.


We finally bought some Seetroen glasses that we have been trying to get for about a year now.  The Citroen online store kept going out of stock and anyway they would not send them to Australia, but a wonderful friend knew some people in France and we managed to buy the glasses and get them delivered via them.  Kim was even brave enough to wear them on the flights to and from Perth.  They look pretty ridiculous but are meant to be 95% effective at preventing and curing motion sickness.  Kim and Sam have both found them to be very effective so far, and Kim was thrilled with how he felt on the flight.  I was even hoping that they might help with Sam’s normal chronic nausea, but that was too much to expect.


Otherwise life just goes on with the routine things that happen at this time of year.  Our “to-do” lists seem to be never ending and I think we must be moving slower these days than we used to.  We have been lighting up burn piles and slashing fence lines, processing roosters, moving hay to feed stock and chopping wood to light the fires.  It all seems to take a lot of time!  Kim and I have also been sorting through cupboards etc in the caravan and annexe since it is all ours now that Lydia has moved to her bus.  Kim has been collecting cheap or free old macintosh computers lately, and the caravan seems to be filling up with them at a startling rate, so if I want to move in a spinning wheel or my painting gear I better move fast before all the space is gone.  🙂

Our current project is the 40ft container.  We want to put in some windows and a sliding door and to line and insulate it.  Then we will add some benches, cupboards and shelves and install an old fireplace that we have.  The plan is for Kim to have a nice workshop for all the mechanical and the electrical work that he does for us.  It will be great to have the tools readily accessible.  He will probably eventually set up a retro computer corner in there too, which will free up the caravan somewhat.  The old workshop that everything is squished into at the moment can afterwards be used to store car parts and the like.

image1 2

So, that is most of our news for the moment.  Kim is, however, seriously considering dragging me on a trip to the UK in March.  If anyone has any helpful tips on overseas travel we would be interested to hear them.  Kim’s tentative plan is to fly in to Dublin and drive through Ireland for a few days before taking a ferry to Scotland, have a little look around there and then take the train down to England for a look see.  It would be nice to make it to Wales too if possible before heading back home, having been away about 4 weeks all up.  It is still in the planning and assessing stages at the moment.  🙂

Best wishes to you all