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Dog shows, cafes and cars

July 31, 2019
I have been asked a couple of times how the new pup, Haru, is going at the dogs shows.  Well, if you consider results to be the main focus she is not doing so well as she hasn’t managed to win yet.  In the two shows she has been to, the same pup from Hobart beat her both times.  That is the winning pup on the table in the photo below.
However if you are considering how well she behaves in the show ring she is being absolutely wonderful.  She is keeping very focussed on Lydia and she trots along really nicely. (You can tell how cold it was by how Lydia is dressed!)
She is not quite so good yet at standing properly on the table (they call it stacking), but is happy for the judge to look in her mouth and ears etc, so all in all she is making a good start.  Willow hasn’t been to the latest shows as she came on heat, but she will be going to the next show at the end of August.  We are also looking forward to the Welsh Corgi specialty show in Hobart, but that is not until October.
Our big excitement of the moment is that Josiah has landed a job!  He is in training working 10am – 2pm four days a week at a cafe/lunch bar in Railton which is 30 minutes from home.  He is helping to prepare meals and doing counter sales and cleaning etc.  So far it seems to be working out well, I guess time will tell if he can work fast enough and efficiently enough to get to stay there long term.  So it is back to lots of driving again for Kim and myself but it is good being not too far away, and Josiah is getting driving practice on the way home too.  He is still on his L1s at the moment so it will be a while before he gets his licence but this is good motivation for him to work hard at that.
I have been struck down with a rotten cold since Sunday, but am finally picking up.  It is now Kim’s turn to get it and he has started to cough and splutter today.  We are trying our best not to pass it on to the workers!  Lydia has had a few days off as work is not busy at the moment, and she has volunteered to take Jo to and from work so he is not breathing our contaminated air.  🙂
Kim took off to Sydney the other week to collect yet another car, a better Citroen Xantia, to replace his old one that is getting pretty worn out.  He timed it so he could go to a meeting of Apple II / Retro Computing enthusiasts while he was there, and also dropped in to visit a lovely pastor friend on the way down to catch the boat home.
He got to try out the Seetroen glasses again while sailing home and says that he never felt the slightest bit of motion sickness in spite of it being a fairly rocky trip.  It seems like they were well worth the money and effort to obtain, and will no doubt come in useful on our trip to the UK which is timed for next March.
Anyway, that is enough for now.  Best wishes to you all.

Queenstown etc.

July 9, 2019
Last weekend The Mole Creek photography group had a subsidised overnight excursion to Queenstown and Kim and I went along. It was a VERY winding 2.5 hour drive, but we got there in the end and stayed overnight Friday at an AirBnB. Saturday morning saw us wandering around the quiet little town with our fingers crossed that it wouldn’t rain too much during our tour.
The tour took us into what was a nearby, but once very isolated, tiny town for workers at Lake Margaret hydro power station. In between bouts of rain the mad photographers got to explore the area and take a bunch of photos of the derelict buildings, amongst other things. Apparently you can only access this area now on a tour. There was a bunch of historical information, and it was interesting to learn how the people lived back in the day.

Queenstown was a copper mining area for many years and the pollution pretty much annihilated all the vegetation on the nearby hills. They used to call it a moonscape. There have been challenges since the mine closed with trying to regenerate the land and reduce the spread of pollution, especially from the slag heaps, but there has been a great improvement since 1994 (I think it was) when we came over for a holiday in our kombi camper. I still remember the shock of seeing the barren ground of Queenstown after driving through the densely treed areas of Tassie’s south west. There is still a noticeable difference, but shrubs and trees are starting the get a foothold there now.

At the end of our tour we had a look through the old Paragon Theatre which has been reopened in a somewhat altered state and is being used for community events. It was an interesting old building and had a lovely atmosphere.

Kim and I decided to hang around for the return of the steam train before driving back home.

You can take a 4 hour trip on the train at the moment, with morning tea and lunch but it is pretty pricey. During the tourist season they have more trips, including the option of going in a separate carriage without the meals for a discounted price. 🙂

It rained pretty solidly on the trip home, which would not have been so bad if we had not run over a rock on the way that flattened a tyre and actually broke the wheel. They don’t call that part of Tasmania the Western Wilds for nothing! Thankfully I had my wonderful mechanic husband with me to change the wheel for us. 🙂

The short days lately, which are either wet or freezing, are meaning we are not getting a lot of progress done on the various projects we have on the go. However I did manage to put a splash back up in the kitchen on Saturday using some laminate that was left over from the bathroom renovation. Kim talked me into preparing for the job by putting fresh pine lining over the old lining, which had some gaps.

That meant the job took a heap more time but it definitely gave a better finish. It will be really nice to have the ability to keep the sink area much cleaner now.

I also put up a funky towel rail in the bathroom that I had been working on. It has the rail mounted on a nice knotty piece of Huon pine which is then mounted on the wall. I intend to varnish the pine with shellac in the long run, but the weather is too cold at the moment.

Poor Willow got an abscess on her face a few weeks ago. She looked pretty strange with her eye squashed shut. Thankfully it healed up with only one trip to the vets and a dose of antibiotics. About a week after that she came down with gastroenteritis – I think it was caused by her finding an abandoned chook nest in the bush and eating all the eggs. At least I didn’t need a trip to the vets for that problem, she just got to spend a day or two on a chicken broth diet until her tummy settled down.

We have another dog show to go to this coming Saturday which will be Haru’s first. We were going to take both corgis but Willow has finally come on heat, so we will probably leave her home. The corgis have a love/hate relationship. Often you will find them playing happily together and then the next minute, at some perceived insult, they will be snarling and snapping ferociously. I’m pleased to say that it seems to be mostly just noise and action as they haven’t really damaged each other yet, but it is pretty annoying. Hopefully they will establish their pecking order soon – there are varying opinions in the family as to who will end up as top dog. It is definitely different having three dogs, and somewhat harder to keep on top of the training. I do find it amusing though when I find them all waiting for me outside the caravan door.

As part of my job searching I have become involved in a project called Community Voices in Devonport. Being part of the project means that I have to sing in a choir – which is pretty funny as I keep losing my voice these days. The project is supposed to give more individualised support for people who have particular issues that make them less attractive to employers. One of my issues is the long period (12 years) since I last worked, so all my experience and references are quite dated. One of the suggestions was that I could do some things for the choir that will show that I still do have some admin skills. For example last week I did up a PowerPoint presentation of the song lyrics for choir practice, so I guess my hope is that the co-ordinators could be more recent referees for me. Since I have a bunch of sick folk at home and plenty of projects to work on, I really only want a couple of days of work per week or just a few hours a day which would bring in enough money to get by. I keep applying…. which is all I can do I guess.
Anyway, I think I best finish up for now. Best wishes to you all.