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September 4, 2019

I decided it was time to cut my latest parmesan into useful sized pieces.  I waxed them individually and I do love how they look with the red cheese wax on them, and appreciate how much it stops them from drying out too.  The photo is from when I was part way through the job.


This particular parmesan has been kicking around in the bottom of the fridge as a large waxed round since sometime last year, so I know it must have aged at least 9 months – and looking back through the blog I think it might have been more like 15 months.  I thought I wrote down somewhere just when I made it, but have no idea where!  🙂

Anyway I was keen to see how it had turned out, and am pleased to report that it tasted like a good, very tasty parmesan should, and it has a nice texture too.  Kim loves it and it is disappearing faster than I expected.  Chalk that one up as a success!  YAY.