We are a family of 6 who are endeavouring to develop a new (to us) lifestyle on our 50 acre mostly bush property in northern Tasmania, Australia.  Coming from a city slicker background we are learning as we go and slowly moving towards supplying our own needs from the land we have been blessed with.  We endeavour to farm in a sustainable, environmentally responsible way based on organic/chemical free principles.  We want to have our animals living naturally as God designed them to live, as far as it is safe to do so, and intend to use their natural abilities as a part of the farming process.  So far we have had pigs and chooks, with a couple of cows, some turkeys and a horse.

This blog chronicles our journey from Western Australia, following our dream of finding some land of our own.  It is composed of the emails and photos that have been sent back to friends and family we left behind.  Most emails have been written by mum (Cathy).  There are also a few extra posts under the “blog exclusive” link, that are more focussed on evaluating our experiences with such things as chicken and pig housing and soap making etc.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Wayne Ledger Says:

    Hello to the Milkenunny Mob! As in the ‘land of’ I suppose. It seems like it too. And that is what the Howe Herd seems to be buzzing about. (Ha ha. Funny dad joke).

    Nice to see your pikkies. We left a message on your “Ugly” page. That is NOT where we saw your picture. The one on this page shows that you are all quite as good looking as when we last saw you.

    We are not sure whether our comment on the other page got through so I thought we would try here again.

    Yours in the Good Shepherd, and hoping that this message does not get intercepted by a piece of that space junk out there somewhere near a satellite, Wayne and Virginia

  2. Josh Says:

    Hi, I’ve got a Jersey cow that is about to calf and have been checking out the milking facility that is in your April 2009 blog. Would you please be able to give me the measurements and the sizes of wood so that I can have a go a making one myself? Thanks a lot.


    ps – I love the blog and find it really interesting.

    • milkenunny Says:

      Hi Josh

      Our poor stanchion is now a beat up wreck. Note to self – never leave a wood framed object in the pig paddock! However I got the measurements from the Keeping a Family Cow forum, in particular this thread which is well worth reading if you are planning to make one, as you get to see lots of other people’s ideas: http://familycow.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=projects&action=display&thread=21795&page=1#

      On the second page one guy even has laid out a leaflet with a photo and listing of all the materials that he used, and I think that that was what we based our own stanchion on so I’ll email you a copy. We just used second hand wood that we had on the property. I get the feeling that the head bale is the main thing to have, especially if your cow is reasonably well behaved. I have friends who don’t have a stanchion at all, they just milk the cow wherever she is in the paddock, so how much you need probably depends on your cow.

      We used our stanchion for a while but it was not sturdy enough to tie a leg too for a kicking cow, and since ours was a very persistent kicking cow we eventually stopped using it and stopped milking her too sadly. Later I made another little crush using 3 trees and one post I dug in. It was much stronger, but we never did use it for milking – or at least not yet. You can see a picture of that in the post https://milkenunny.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/a-bit-more-building-and-farewell-to-the-dexters/ We now only have Twinkles, our Friesian x Hereford heifer who we bucket reared, and we plan to milk her when she calves. However she is not even in calf yet so I can’t share any experiences from that so far!

      I hope you go well with your Jersey!


  3. Linda Says:

    Wait … 50 acres?

    • milkenunny Says:

      Yep, 50 acres – unless some has gone missing while I wasn’t looking. We actually don’t see a lot of it as it is pretty thick bush around here, and we don’t go up the back a lot which is where most of the gum trees are. Also only one side of the back is fenced so we are not really sure where the boundaries are. 🙂 Mostly we hang around the front 5 acres or so which is where the fences we put in are and consequently where the animals live. I should post an aerial view from Google Maps one day.

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