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Progress, Travel and Puppy

April 21, 2019

Hi All

Time for another update from the Howes!  Life has felt busy over here lately.  Firstly we finished our bathroom and are absolutely loving the huge improvement.

Then Caleb and Sam took off on a trip to Japan for 16 days.  They struggled somewhat with their health, but still managed to have a wonderful time experiencing a very different place and culture.
It was cherry blossom season while they were there and they saw lots of it in the grounds of Osaka and Nagoya castles.
There were a lot of different places…
.. and shops to explore.
They also went to some concerts of groups they enjoy.  In this photo they are in the back right corner of the photo.
And they loved experiencing the local food specialties of Osaka and Nagoya where they stayed.
Meanwhile, back at home, we were putting a gravel base into the container shed, filling in potholes in the driveway,
and getting more land cleared for Lydia to ride on (and some extra for us to use!).  It was all good.
After that we were blessed to have a good friend, Betty, come to visit.  That meant a good excuse for doing a bit of sight seeing, and also having another hand to help with a few jobs that I was behind on.  This photo is of Liffey Falls.

Then just the other day we were very excited to get the original corgi puppy that we had been on a waiting list for.
This girl should be more of a show quality than Willow, but they are both on the main register so we can show them and breed purebreds with papers in the future.
The new girl is called Haru (pronounced Har-roo) which is Japanese for Spring.
The dogs are all getting on very well together (which is probably just as well!). Now we have the fun of toilet training all over again.  🙂

That is probably enough for now!  Best wishes.

Picking a Pedigree Pembroke Puppy

September 4, 2018

We have been on waiting lists for a Pembroke Corgi puppy for a couple of years now.   Since Lydia wants to breed pedigree corgis we have to be able to purchase a pup on the ‘main register’ for the Kennel Club, however most breeders will only sell pups as pets on the ‘limited register’.  We have been hoping that we will get one female show quality pup from NSW later this year, if there is one available in the expected litter, but we are still just waiting for now.

Recently, however, a friend we have made in Tassie who has only recently begun to breed corgis had her second litter and when she offered them up for sale we, rather suddenly, decided that perhaps we should buy one of her pups as well as the one we have been waiting for. The reasoning was that if Lydia wants to be a breeder she will want more than one female dog anyway, and this way we can finally make a start!  This pup may not be as high a show standard as the one we are on the waiting list for, but she can certainly be registered as required, and we can breed her to a quality dog to improve the line as time goes on.  🙂

The challenge then was to choose a pup from the 3 adorable girls in the litter.  Puppies are just so cute!  We have visited twice so far and it was really fun to play with those pups.  It was hard to make a decision but in the end we have chosen a tri colour girl with a natural bob tail.  Her name will be Welcome Willow, or just Willow for short.  So here she is – just 5 weeks old in the photos.  We are very excited to think we will be bringing her home in a few more weeks when she has been vaccinated and microchipped.


We are fairly confident that Okami will love the company.  Speaking of Oki, she was smelling pretty bad recently, presumably she had found something awful to roll in as dogs are inclined to do.  In desperation Lydia and I threw her into the bath to remove the odour.  Poor thing, she was not impressed!

Okami having a bath

That is all our doggy news for the moment!  Bye for now.