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kirby comic 3 (tree story line, same as number 1,)

October 4, 2011

hi-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, josiah here, one more kirby comic now, nothing you should know. exespet for the fact that this is on the tree story line. same as number 1

kirby comic 2 (off any story line)

October 3, 2011

alright, my 2nd kirby comic arives. and a breif word before you read it on anather page, do you know pokemon? if yes, then read it now, if not, then let me explain my last 2 things, what happens is the red/white ball is a pokeball, so when kirby combines it with a yo-yo he has on hand he gets a pokemon with a shell-in its shell being spun instaed of a yo-yo. and one more thing, there is 2 pictures this time. here it is



my first kirby comic

October 3, 2011

hey guess what. i have made my very own kirby comic! there will be at least 7 comics. (because i,ve already done 7.) here is number one. now, in case you don,t  know who kirby is, he is a pink blob who can eat virtually anything and get a power from it. however, he normaly dosn,t get these abilates THAT, is what makes these comic funny

if you want to know were I got the idea, go to brawlinthefamily website. (if you put that in the address then you,ll find it)