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RIP Lupo

July 14, 2018

Today the day we had been dreading finally came and our old German Shepherd Lupo had to be taken to the vets to be put down.  This morning her back legs simply refused to work anymore.  To be fair we had been expecting it for the last two years, so we could not complain – and we were fairly prepared.  It all went peacefully and smoothly, Michael our vet in Sheffield did a good job.  She was sedated and then injected with the fatal dose when she was nicely relaxed and sleeping.

For the last 13 years: before cows, pigs, chooks and before we even came to Tasmania, Lupo was with us.  I don’t think Josiah (now 17) can remember a time when she was not around.
She had a good life, enjoyed going to dog training in Albany and loved even more the freedom of movement once we came to Mole Creek.
She was just a part of life, coming with us wherever we went around the property.
Whatever we did, she enjoyed being a part of it.
She particularly enjoyed chasing wallabies in the swamp and coming back nice and muddy.  🙂
For the last few years her mobility has been a lot more limited, but she did as much as she could, and was always affectionate and uncomplaining.
She was a lovely faithful dog, and we will miss her!  Thankfully she trained Okami up well as her successor!


New Year Happenings

January 5, 2018

Hello and welcome to the new year!

Kim’s brother Paul gave us a scare when he rolled his car one morning in the Gog Pass, between our place and Sheffield.  It was just one of those errors in judgement of speed when coming suddenly upon a wet and slippery part of the road with gravel on it at a particularly nasty set of bends.  He fishtailed for a bit, almost had it under control but then had to take another sharp bend which was just too much, whereupon he went up the bank, slid along it for a way and then slowly rolled all the way over, somehow managing to miss all the trees.  The car is a write off but thankfully Paul walked away with just a scratch, for which we are all thanking God.
Rolled Audi
The car was towed back here to be added to our personal wrecking yard which is hidden away up in the bush.  We then decided that we needed to make this dead car area a bit more useful, so spent a few days removing some of the smaller trees and running the grader blade around to clear some good paths and parking areas, then we moved all the cars into accessible spots. (Tractors are wonderful things!)  The result is quite good, and has made for a wrecking yard that will be far more useful for Kim.  We do use parts from the old cars so it is good to have it done.
Wrecking Yard
Lydia’s pony Silk has been a cause for concern too, as she suddenly became lame with the onset of laminitis.  Ponies are commonly susceptible to laminitis from good feed, but Silk had never shown any signs of problems before.  We have been steadily working on improving our paddocks, so I guess they finally have reached a stage where the spring growth can cause her some issues.  It has meant that we have had to isolate her in a “starvation” pen, where all she is allowed to eat is hay that has been soaked in water to remove a lot of the sugars from it.  She is not overly impressed with her new diet, but is steadily improving which is the main thing.
Silk in Pen
Meanwhile the vegetable gardens are coming along with the promise of a good harvest of peas, cabbage, lettuce, celery, beetroot, carrots, onions, tomatoes, cucumber and corn.
I even risked trying a quick growing melon this year.  Now if it can all just ripen before the first frost of the new year….  One has to be very patient with vegetable gardening in Mole Creek!
We have been doing well with raspberries this year.  Locking the chooks out early was the trick I think, plus lots of water.
We have a friend from church who had a lot of gear and urgently needed a place to store it, so we suggested he could put a plastic carport up and keep it here.  If nothing else we do have space!  All the gear arrived last week on the back of a truck and we spent the next morning shifting it all into place with the tractor and setting up the carport over the top.  Hopefully we have selected a nice sheltered place so that the carport will last.  Wind storms will be the challenge, but we have used these carports quite a bit and have some spare parts available if anything does go wrong.  I dream of large sheds and lots of undercover areas.  🙂
JDs Carport
I extended the ramp up to the main building yesterday, to make the slope less severe for Lupo, the old dog.  We put carpet on it too which seems to have made it a lot better for her wobbly old legs.  I have to admit it has made it a lot easier for my old legs too!
The kids are looking forward to seeing some friends who will be holidaying nearby soon.  We have loaned them our little Peugeot for their visit (and are missing it’s lovely air conditioner).  🙂  However Lydia has organised a couple of weeks off so we shouldn’t need to be driving so much for the time being.
I was wondering if anyone could help me to identify a couple of plants in our yard?  The first one is a bush which can reach a height of about 2m.  It has stalk with segments which are hollow like bamboo
Bamboo Type Plant
and it has pretty dangly flowers.  It seems to be spreading slowly around the yard, which is quite nice.
Bamboo Flowers
The second plant I only discovered this year in a bit of a hidden area.  It is also quite pleasant so I wouldn’t mind encouraging it to spread a bit more.
Yellow Flowers
Well, that is all for now.  Best wishes to you for the New Year.

Early Christmas Present?

November 22, 2015

Lydia has been wanting us to consider getting a German Shepherd pup as old Lupo is not going to be around for a whole lot longer, so as a family we decided that we would keep an eye out for a young pup at a reasonable price.  Yesterday Lyd saw a pup advertised quite close in Launceston and we went to have a look.  Of course puppies are adorable and we came home with a new 7 week old bundle that we have called Okami (pronounced O – car – me) which is the Japanese word for wolf.  With Caleb and Josiah and the others learning Japanese it seemed appropriate.   We were learning German when we got Lupo, and – due to some confusion over Volkswagen having a car called a Lupo – we used to think that Lupo was the German word for wolf.  However we now stand corrected and know it is actually the Italian/Latin word for wolf.  The German word for wolf is, in fact, wolf!

Lupo has never liked other dogs at all and we figured that the only way she would accept another one was if we got it very young.


She has been pretty good with the pup so far, she knows we want her to treat it gently and nicely and she is doing her best.  She has given just a couple of warning growls to the pup and mostly just tries to keep out of her way.  Hopefully Okami will learn not to terrorise Lupo and Lupo will be patient and get more friendly as time goes on.  We will just have to wait and see.  We are making sure Lupo is getting plenty of attention and has lots of “personal space” time too.
PuppyAndLupo (1)
Lydia had Okami sleeping on the floor at the end of her bed last night and that seemed to work okay.  She woke up about dawn, but then Lyd usually has to get up at that time anyway to go to work.
Okami was very quiet and seemed a bit nervous this morning, but after some breakfast and another good sleep she got energetic and started to play.
We have been getting her to chase a ball around and she loves that, and has been happily getting to know us all.
Josiah is playing with her on the lounge room floor as I am writing this, he seems to really like her as does everyone else.  She still needs lots of sleep breaks as she is so young, and that is nice too.  🙂
Everyone seems happy with our early Christmas present!