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The Changing View

January 24, 2016

I like to watch the changing view across the road, looking south from our property.  I have decided to start this post and add photos to it as the seasons and events change the scene.

This is what we see on a nice day.  This was 4th November 2013.  The cows come and go.  🙂

Mersey Valley and Great Western Tiers with Snow

Covered with snow, 4th August 2015.

Snow covered paddocks and hills


In the morning during the bushfires 24th January 2016. We sometimes couldn’t see the closer hills let alone the mountains due to the smoke.


Lovely Spring day.  September 14th 2016.  You can see the old dead tree has been cut down and removed for firewood. Also the river has moved on the flats after the floods – you can just see the white of the river rocks in the dip in the middle of the tree line.


Just thought I would add a close up of the dip through to the river flats, so you can see that the river can be seen there now.  We could not see it before the floods.

Paddock, River and Mountains beyond

September 5th 2017  A not so extreme snow day.