Just a few Homeschool Resources

We have a few homemade homeschool sheets that I thought I would make available to anyone who would like to use them.  There are some copywork sheets, some multiplication worksheets and a set of basic grammar worksheets.  I hope they may be of use to someone, if they are it would be lovely to hear from you.


Swiss Fox Multiplication:Subtraction Worksheet   69KB

Short Firewood MultiplicationWorksheet   66KB

Rooster Multiplication worksheet   83KB

Rabbit Multiplication Worksheet   79KB

Pink Blob Multiplication Worksheet   69KB

MLP Multiplication Worksheet   86KB

MLP part 2 Multiplication Worksheet   82KB

MLP Maths Worksheet 2   86KB

Minecraft Multiplication Worksheet   70KB

Kitten Multiplication Worksheet   70KB

Fruit Multiplication Worksheet   65KB

Dog Multiplication Worksheet   74KB


A 10 page story to copy introducing “Trouble” the turkey poult and telling how she got her name.  With hand drawn pictures.  363KB

A 16 page story of one of “Trouble”the turkey poult’s adventures.  Photo illustrations of our turkey poults.   1.3MB

The Uncatchable Thief
A 19 page fictional story of the theft of a necklace, will the thief get away with it?   68KB

Jacobs Day
A 20 page fictional story about Jacob and his bouncing adventure which helped him to control his temper.  123KB


Grammer Worksheets
A not quite finished set of worksheets covering nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  But you can use what I have done so far if you like.  🙂   Illustrated with our own photos and with somewhat of a farming theme.   501KB

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